SPSS Smartviewer OLAP Cube Instructions

OLAP cubes allow dimensions to be added to a flat table creating multidimensional tables. Users are able to query, browse and summarize data in an efficient, interactive, and dynamic format. Pivot trays allow the user to move data between the rows, columns, and layers of an OLAP cube.
Selecting a table from the Databook's list of Interactive Tables will take you initially to a login box for SPSS Smartviewer. You can either login with your NetID as shown in the picture on the right or login as a guest. Activate your NetID If you login using your NetID, choose "UNR" from the dropdown menu.
Once you have logged in, you will be taken directly to the table for which you selected the link from the list of interactive tables. However, you may choose the "SPSS Home" link where you will be given a list of Categories to which the OLAP cubes are stored. Choosing a category will result in a list of tables as in the image to the right.
Whether you are taken to an OLAP cube from a link on the Databook or you choose a table from a list within SPSS Smartviewer, you will be taken to an OLAP cube such as the "5-Year Spring Headcount by Program" cube shown on the right.
You may now begin to make specific choices about your data from drop-down lists provided in the cube such as the "Program" list. I have chosen to highlight the program of Biology in the cube on the right. Please note that each time you make a choice from a drop-down list the cube will need to refresh before a choice is made from the next drop-down list.
You may also choose to place a field in columns by selecting "Move to Columns" from the drop-down list.
As you can see, the field of Gender has been placed in columns. You can now see the number of males (254) and females (322) enrolled as undergraduates in Biology for the Spring 2005 semester.
You can also choose to move a field to rows by choosing "Move to Rows" from the drop-down list.
The field of Ethnicity has been placed in rows and you can see the number of males and females enrolled as undergraduates in Biology for the Spring 2005 semester by Ethnicity.
Continue making choices from the drop-down lists.
The cube now also includes part-time or full-time status for the students selected with the prior drop-down lists.

The data you have obtained from the choices in the drop-down lists can now be downloaded into CSV format which can be saved as an Excel worksheet by choosing "Download data as CSV" to the left of the cube. Choices in the left menu also include opening the table in a new window, flipping the table, and moving back to see the data prior to a selection and forward again.
The spreadsheet at the right include the selections made above and downloaded as a CSV file. At this point it can be saved in a number of formats including Excel.
Page created by Linda Peternel Brunson, May 2005.