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Nolij Web

Nolij Web is a server based document imaging and management system for storing scanned documents in electronic folders that can also be moved through electronic workflow processes.

Users must have a valid UNR netid account and be enrolled in at least one Nolij Web departmental role.

UNR departments interested in utilizing document imaging must submit a request for analysis, planning, and setup.

System Requirements

  • Minimum Standards:  it is highly recommended that your computer meet or exceed computer Minimum Standards set by the vendor for Nolij Web to run efficiently. Please be advised if your computer does not meet the recommended standard, it may result in poor Nolij Web performance. Digital (vs. analog) monitors will result in clearer electronic image displays. Small monitors provide very little real estate for displaying electronic images.
  • Document Import Requirements: to use document import features (scanning and indexing), client computers must have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.6.0_25 or later installed.
  • Browsers: Nolij runs on all major browsers.  If you are using Internet Explorer please make sure you are using as least version 8 preferably version 9.  IE works and you might run into slowness issues that generate popup messages concerning slow running scripts.  Answer NO to stopping the scripts running.  If using Firefox, there have been issues with the recently released version 7.
  • Scanners: Nolij works with any scanner that uses a twain driver.  Please make sure your scanners are routinely cleaned for best performance.