Graduate School

Marsha Read, Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School 
Student Service Building, Room 225
(775) 784-6869

Masters of Arts Degree with a major in:Other Masters degree Programs:
AnthropologyMaster of Accountancy
Counseling and Educational PsychologyMaster of Business Administration
Criminal JusticeMaster of Fine Arts
EconomicsMaster of Judicial Studies
Educational LeadershipMaster of Justice Management
Elementary EducationMaster of Music
EnglishMaster of Nursing
Foreign Languages and LiteratureMaster of Nursing & Public Health

Gender, Race and Identity

Master of Public Administration


Master of Public Health
JournalismMaster of Social Work
Literacy StudiesMaster of Teaching English
Music and DanceMaster of Teaching History
PhilosophyMaster of Teaching Mathematics
Political Science
Secondary EducationEducation Specialist Degree Programs:
SociologyCounseling and Educational Psychology
Special EducationEducational Leadership
Speech Communication 
Teaching English as a Second LanguageDoctor of Education Degree Programs:
 Counseling and Educational Psychology
Masters of Science Degree with a major in:Curriculum Teaching and Learning
Animal ScienceEducational Leadership
Atmospheric Sciences 
BiochemistryCombined Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy Program:
Biomedical Engineering 
Cellular and Molecular BiologyDoctor of Philosophy Degree Programs:
Chemical EngineeringAnthropology
ChemistryAtmospheric Sciences
Civil and Environmental EngineeringBasque Studies
Computer EngineeringBiochemistry
Computer ScienceBiomedical Engineering
Counseling and Educational PsychologyCellular and Molecular Biology
EconomicsCellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology
Educational LeadershipChemical Engineering
Educational SpecialtiesChemical Physics
Electrical EngineeringChemistry
Environmental Sciences and HealthCivil and Environmental Engineering
FinanceComputer Science and Engineering
GeochemistryCounseling and Educational Psychology
GeographyCurriculum Teaching and Learning
Geology and Earth Related SciencesEcology Evolution and Conservation Biology

Geological Engineering 



Educational Leadership
Human Development and Family Studies
Electrical Engineering
HydrogeologyEnvironmental Sciences and Health
Information Systems
Land Use Planning
Mathematics and Statistics
Geology and Earth Related Sciences
Mechanical Engineering Geo-Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Mining EngineeringHistory
Natural Resources and Environmental Science
Judicial Studies
Resource Economics
Literacy Studies
Secondary Education
Mechanical Engineering
Special Education
Metallurgical Engineering
Speech Pathology and Audiology

Political Science
Master of Education Degree with a major in:
Counseling and Educational PsychologySocial Psychology
Educational LeadershipSpecial Education
Educational SpecialtiesSpeech Pathology
Elementary Education 
Literacy Studies
Special Education
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