Ethnic Studies Minor (18 credits)

A minor in ethnic studies is offered through the Gender, Race and Identity Program housed within the College of Liberal Arts. Designed to increase students' awareness of ethnic and racial issues, domestically and globally, the program examines the experiences and contributions of a wide range of peoples, societies and cultures. The curriculum allows for a focus on issues of ethnicity and race, either domestically or globally.

Students enrolled in the Ethnic Studies minor will be required to complete 18 credits. At least 9 credits must be in upper-divison (300-400 level) courses. All courses in the minor curriculum are three credits each. Students interested in pursuing a minor in Ethnic Studies should contact the chair or a faculty member of the Ethnic Studies Board for advisement.

Course requirements:

  1. Basic Competencies (6 credits)
    1. Choose two courses from two different disciplines listed below (all are three credits):
      1. CRJ 380--Diversity and Multiculturalism in Community Policing
      2. CRJ 427--Struggle for Justice
      3. ETS 307--Topics in Race and Racism
      4. GEOG 464--Race, Gender and the Environment
      5. HIST 479--Race and Ethnicity in American History
      6. PSC 353--Identity Politics in the United States
      7. PSY 431R--Psychological Aspects of Racial Differences
      8. SOC 379--Ethnic and Race Relations
        SOC 490--Class, Race and Gender
        WMST 461--White Identity, Race and Racism
  2. Comparative (6 credits)
    1. Choose two courses from the following (all are three credits):
      1. ANTH 201--Peoples and Cultures of the World
        ENG 345--Literature of Ethnic Minorities in the U.S.
        ENG 497B--Ethnicity, Gender and American Identity
        FLL 470--Literature and Multiculturalism
        GEOG 460--Ethnic Geography
        HDFS 438--Children and Families in a Multiethnic Society
        MUS 431--Exploring World Music
  3. Students choose six additional credits from the following.
      1. These courses may be in the same field of concentration. Students may propose substitution courses with Board approval. Substitution courses may be new or temporary classes that meet the minor's criteria.
    1. Native American
      1. ANTH 345--American Indian Art
        ANTH 400A--Indians of North America
        ANTH 400B--Indians of the Great Basin
        ANTH 400E / ENG 494A--Native American Literature
        ENG 494B--Literature of Native Americans and European Americans
        ETS 280--Native American Identities and Culture
        HIST 418--History of U.S.-American Indian Relations
    2. Latino
      1. ANTH 401A--Contemporary Latin American Society
        FLL 450--Hispanic Women's Literature in Translation
        GEOG 476--Latin America
        HIST 227--Introduction to Latin American History and Culture I
        HIST 228--Introduction to Latin American History and Culture II
        HIST 320--Hispanic Culture in the United States
        HIST 344R--Andean Ethnohistory
        HIST 345R--The History of Society and Culture in Brazil
        HIST 347--History of Mexico
        HIST 439--Religion and Society in Latin America
        HIST 442--Women in Latin America
        PSC 407E--Political Systems of Latin America
        SPAN 222--Hispanic-America and Its Culture
    3. African Diaspora
      1. ANTH 401C--People and Cultures of Africa
        HIST 230--History of Africa I
        HIST 293--Introduction to African American History
        HIST 340--Modern African Diaspora and Popular Cultures
        HIST 433A--The African American Freedom Struggle after 1865
        HIST 477--Culture and Society in Modern Africa
    4. Asian
      1. ANTH 401D--People and Cultures of Southeast Asia
        CHI 221--China and Its Culture
        ECON 461--Chinese Economy
        HIST 211--History of East Asia I
        HIST 212--History of East Asia II
        HIST 450A--Modern Chinese History
        JPN 221--Japan and Its Culture
        PSC 407B--Political Systems of East Asia
        PSC 407F--Political Systems of China
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