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Friday, April 25, 2014

Sociology - Masters
Sociology - College of Liberal Arts
Program Coordinator: MARKUS KEMMELMEIER

Mission Statement
The mission of the Sociology Master's program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to master the discipline of sociology and its various subfields. The program is intended to develop students' critical thinking on matters that are key to the study of society and societal institutions through rigorous theoretical and methodological training. This includes exposure to classical and contemporary sociological theory, quantitative and qualitative methods of social research, and various substantive areas of social inquiry within sociology. Students who successfully complete this training are prepared to pursue further graduate-level training leading to a Ph.D. in the social sciences, or to enter professional careers that require knowledge of human relations and societal institutions.
Student Learning Outcomes

Cultivate in students a critical understanding of society and social relations through various competing sociological perspectives.
Student Performance IndicatorsAssessment Method
  • Some students write an M.A. thesis (under Plan A) and do so under the supervision of a thesis chair and other committee members.
  • Student performance in team-taught core theory courses, as well as substantive courses in various sub-fields of sociology.
  • Some students take a series of comprehensive examinations (under Plan B), including theory , research methods, and a substantive area in sociology that the student has been studying with a faculty member in the department.
  • Writing of a thesis proposal and an M.A. thesis. Evaluation by a thesis committee led by its chair. Faculty feedback on the proposal and the thesis.
  • Examinations, research papers, and in class presentations provide feedback on the students' understanding of social phenomena.
  • Comprehensive examinations are read by department faculty members supplying the questions and are graded on the basis of the level of knowledge obtained on each question.

Build skills and enhance the understanding of the process of sociological research. Develop skills in the critical interpretation of research findings and their theoretical and practical applications.
Student Performance IndicatorsAssessment Method
  • Conduct research in conjunction with faculty, or for thesis
  • Students succeeding in finding professional employment in their chosen field of study in the public or private sector.
  • Survey of majors
  • Tracking students through alumni surveys regarding the relevance of sociology to the practical realities of professional employment.

Provide an intellectually stimulating learning environment that is characterized by effective instruction and a focus on student learning.
Student Performance IndicatorsAssessment Method
  • Student evaluations
  • Survey of majors

Use of Results

The Director of Graduate Studies, often with the participation of the department chair, meets with students in the program on a regular basis to inform and discuss program requirements, and to assess students' current standing in the program and progress toward their degree. Through such meetings, students are advised on a timeline for completion of degree requirements, especially on the completion of their thesis or the scheduling of their comprehensive examinations. Progress toward the degree is an important consideration in determining the continuation of financial support through the granting of additional teaching assistantships.

Implementation Plan
The Director of Graduate Studies, through his or her role as chair of the Graduate Program Committee, reviews program requirements and makes recommendations to the department for program revisions that are in line with student learning outcomes. Students are then informed of changes in program guidelines and requirements and are advised on the proper course of action in order to remain active and in good standing in the program and to conclude their studies in a timely manner.

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